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From Software's 'Bloodborne' tagged with release date

Bloodborne Wallpaper
Bloodborne Wallpaper
From Software

Yesterday, Aug 31, at Sony's preliminary Tokyo Game Show press conference in Japan, fans of From Software's "Demon Souls" received some partial good news. "Bloodborne", the developer's often incorrectly regarded spiritual successor to "Demon Souls", was stamped with a release date of Feb 5, 2015.

Why only partially good news? The release date applies strictly to the game's Japanese market release. There has been no official word as to when "Bloodborn" is going to make its way to the United States, but there is one thing to consider when speculating. Fellow developer Ready at Dawn's first attempt at a console game and highly anticipated title, "The Order: 1886", lands on the PS4 on Feb 20. It seems unlikely that two major exclusive titles would launch within mere weeks of each other, but only time will tell.

"Bloodborne" pits gamers in the abandoned city of Yharnam on a pilgrimage to secure an unusual medical remedy. Upon arrival, the protagonist finds Yharnam rife with deranged villagers and ghastly monsters. From Software's exclusive title is slated for PS4 release only and was originally leaked under the title of "Project Beast".