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From Secret Empire to Galactic Civilization - new Exopolitics Journal edition now available


Our planet is undergoing a fundamental transition. Secrets hitherto kept from the mass of humanity for millennia are suddenly coming into the open. This has led to the exposure of many practices and institutions that are not in integrity or in the best interests of the planet. Elite groups long accustomed to secretly manipulating humanity with impunity, are having to face a collapse in their ability to control human perceptions and behaviors. This issue of the Exopolitics Journal deals with the fundamental transition of humanity from a Secret Empire controlled by a few elite families and institutions to a flourishing Galactic Civilization where humanity openly interacts with extraterrestrial life.

The first article by Come Carpentier, “The Global Crisis and the Ultimate Secret of the Empire,”  discusses “a secret world (or quasi-global) government which is by definition neither democratically elected nor publicly accountable, and which may have been able to connect with or tap into forces that are at least partly non-human and possibly originate outside our planet.” Carpentier discusses the current global crisis and how this relates to the “Ultimate Secret of the Empire” that limits humanity in “a very large and critically sensitive covert endeavour to understand, "reverse engineer" and harness technologies and processes possessed by extraterrestrial or alter-dimensional beings.” He discusses a number of books that expose the secret empire that has hitherto dominated humanity through exploitative practices that serve the interests of a few key families and institutions.

Neil Gould, the first graduate from the Exopolitics Certification Program, revisits the Adamski case by reviewing the testimonies of key witnesses and investigators. He finds much merit in the independent investigations that concluded in favor of Adamski’s claims of having extraterrestrial contact and having briefed European dignitaries about these. Gould reviews the testimonies of pilots, government employees, photographic experts, and space craft footage that conclusively support Adamski’s claims. Gould concludes that Adamski’s revelation of benevolent human looking extraterrestrials visiting humanity was subjected to a psychological warfare campaign based on deceit and debunking to discredit his testimony. As the next article makes clear, psychological warfare featured very prominently among the tools used to maintain secrecy about extraterrestrial life and the ascendancy of the secret empire.

Kennedy’s Deadly Confrontation with the CIA & MJ-12” is the first in a two part series of articles covering President Kennedy’s historic efforts to reassert Presidential executive authority over classified UFO files. Beginning in February 1961, Kennedy started asserting Presidential control over psychological warfare programs and covert CIA operations. Such programs were deeply involved in maintaining UFO secrecy and Kennedy pressured the Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, to grant access to Kennedy’s designated government authorities. Dulles refusal laid the foundation for a set of secret directives by MJ-12 that would later be implemented with devastating consequences when Kennedy began a new set of initiatives for greater access to UFO files in September 1963. President Kennedy challenged the secret empire with all the powers of an American president and ultimately failed. Exposing the true history behind Kennedy’s confrontation with the CIA and MJ-12 will help unravel the power of the secret empire and assist humanity’s transition into a Galactic Civilization.

In “Exopolitics and its role as a catalyst to Space Migration”, David Griffin examines the fundamental transition of humanity into a galactic civilization. He says that “terrestrial economics is perhaps what gives us the greatest amount of inertia” and “global finance has become inseparable from other thought processes and thus futurist planning.” He discusses financial and other social problems that need to be overcome for humanity to venture boldly in a colonizing effort into outer space. Griffin explores a wide array of pioneers in various fields that add vital pieces to humanity’s transition to a space colonizing civilization. He concludes that shifting “from a problematic discourse to one of vision and pragmatism by including the space issue, we stand to claim our evolutionary birth-right and start our journey to the stars - as appears to have been done by the civilizations that watch over us.”

George LoBouno’s article, “Determining Human Relations with Aliens,” is a disturbing analysis of the challenges posed by extraterrestrials that have liaised and reached agreements with secret government authorities. He points out the origin of the liaisons began during the Eisenhower administration where the Rockefeller family featured prominently in developing policies on extraterrestrial affairs. LoBouno points out that “Rockefeller ended elected official control of alien-related programs, a move that Eisenhower later regretted.” Within months of agreements being reached, “[Gray] aliens were allowed basing rights on the Nellis Air Force range.” If LoBouno and Neil Gould are correct in their respective articles, it appears that a two pronged strategy was adopted with visiting extraterrestrials. Agreements were reached with humanoid Gray aliens with questionable agendas who liaised with military authorities, while human looking extraterrestrials were shunned by the same authorities who dismissed the ethical agenda of the latter. LoBouno’s article helps expose those extraterrestrial groups that are vital props to the secret empire and must be contended with in humanity’s transition to a Galactic Civilization.

In "Reflections on Religion and Exopolitics,"  Dr Bernice Hill says it “is time for Exopolitics to consider the impact of disclosure on religious institutions.” She states that as a result of terrorist attacks, “Growing multiculturalism, liberalization of thought and interfaith communication … are pushing for a more open, flexible and socially conscious perspective.” Dr Hill shows the religious context that underlies an extraterrestrial phenomenon with ancient roots crossing the religious divide between all cultures. Dr Hill’s paper provides valuable insights into how exopolitics may help stimulate interfaith communication, and result in a more respectful dialogue and interaction between world religions. Obviously, this is a vital process in humanity’s transition into a Galactic Civilization.

In the final article, Michael Gintowt discusses the emerging field of exopsychology that examines the implications of exopolitics. He says: “Exopsychology would tap into and integrate the data provided by disparate disciplines, conduct research, and ultimately, develop theoretical models that would help bridge the gap between the objective and subjective worlds.” He adds that exopsychology “incorporate findings of nonlocal interactions between humans, and take into account the full range of the UFO related phenomena, including the abduction experience and “high strangeness”.” Gintowt’s article also provides valuable insights into the psychological factors that need to be considered as humanity transitions into a galactic civilization.

All seven articles in this edition of the Exopolitics Journal provide a detailed overview of the challenges facing humanity in transitioning from a secret empire dominated by a global network of elite families and institutions, into a galactic civilization. While the challenges are enormous, humanity’s destiny beckons and all must accept the challenges posed by such a fundamental transition. While the transition will not be easy, it cannot be escaped and all the articles in this edition of the Exopolitics Journal provide insights for those desiring a harmonious transition. .

For more info: The July 2009 edition of the Exopolitics Journal is available for free online at:


  • David Griffin 5 years ago

    Although I contributed to this edition of the Exopolitics Journal - I can say without any bias that it is an excellent collection this time.

    Find me another journal from academia, science or cultural studies that covers this range of topics in a credible form... there are very few.

    The EJ has moved from quarterly to bi-annually and usually runs along a broad theme.

    Submissions are welcome and undergo a peer review. Contact via the EJ website.

    DG, Exopolitics UK

  • Kurt 5 years ago

    The mindset must be changed, people need to be freed in thought and allowed to transition easily by stating that it will be an "easy transition" rather than hard. People often aren't thinking about finding the easy solutions. Even when someone is told that a particular process will be "hard" many give up. When we are told it will be easy people ask how, then the simplicity follows, more people join. I changed my mindset long ago, it does work! and my work speaks for itself and in a very short time it will be well known.

  • James Black 5 years ago

    This colossal absurdity seems to have just one petty justification. To sell books or the so called "galactic diplomacy course".
    What rational individuals will understand is that the Exopolitical Circus doesn't recognize limits.
    Everything goes. Nothing is to much.
    In the end, this is an insult to the whole Humanity.
    However, perhaps this is even more serious, because reading carefully we will recognize the rhetoric of the collaborationist.
    The Invaders, the colonizers, the imperialists always "look like gods" for the few who are always ready for the slaves market.

  • David Griffin 5 years ago

    Response to James Black.

    - You'd be far better off creating your own area that aims to push the species forward and tackle the global inequalities we see present today instead of [it seems] having your life's ambition to knock communities doing the same.

    - If you wish to leave your pseudonym and the shield of the PC monitor behind and debate me on recorded audio as to the relative benefits of the exopolitics field - please get in touch. I understand you are UK based?

    DG, UK.

  • Waw!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

    Hi there
    Really it is very important affair, but it is necessary that u must provide us true and genuine information, I do not have care weather it follows scientific procedure or not because there are a bunch of truth that could not scientifically be explained within the perspective of three state of matter theory,
    This era contain the time-space position at which Science and Magic (spirit) are mingled, we are openly looking many mysteries or truth which we couldn’t’ proofed because of the level of this generation knowledge and standard scientific instrument.
    Moreover, U are expected to encourage the people towards exopolitical view rather than giving too much attention to this narrow village, we have not to fight with our real brothers on earth , take care everybody!!!!!!!!, we have other unique enemy in this galaxy, on earth as well.

  • 333activation 5 years ago

    within 2 years war will break from the powers that be globally then human looking et's will land and say what ever it takes to listening to there rhetoric to get us to board there ships then dna activation will occur then on 21-03-2013 the earth becomes a star and we become a 5th dimesinal human this has never happened in the known universe i recommend you trust your gut feeling when the time comes there are 3 paths 1 is with the human looking et's which are reptilian orion overloads the 2nd is ascension my choice 3rd is the way of technology whcch is to go to mars where 500.000 people are there already from 1962 preparing