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From Russia with Puppy Love: Gus Kenworthy’s Sochi sweethearts

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American Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy experienced "love at first bite" in Sochi when he found a litter of puppies with their mother. Kenworthy’s efforts to adopt the family quickly became one of the best known tales from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. Between his tweets and interviews about the dogs, Gusworthy’s Silver medal seemed to pale in comparison to his “heart of Gold”.

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The Colorado-based skier has now returned home to the U.S. with his Russian sweethearts. Kenworthy is keeping a brother and sister from the litter. The rest of the canine family have found homes with Kenworthy’s family. His mother is adopting the mama dog and his two brothers are each taking a pup.

Other Olympians also caught a case of puppy love at Sochi. Gusworthy’s rescue of the puppies and their mom inspired U.S. hockey players and a snowboarder to adopt Sochi strays. For many of those athletes who found their new best friend in Russia, the 2014 Winter Olympics may well be remembered as the “from Russia with puppy love” games.


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