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From 'Reefer Madness' To Legalization

From Reefer Madness To Legalization
From Reefer Madness To Legalization

In 1936 the movie 'Reefer Madness' hit the screen. At the time people viewed marijuana as the evil weed. The drug that turned regular citizens into out of control human beings. For decades it was required viewing in the public high school system of this country. I know I saw it in 1978 during a history class. The movie was used for decades as a propaganda tool to fight the weed. Now that is some 78 years ago and most in America have changed their minds in one way or another about marijuana. There are some who feel that it should be used for medical reasons for some patients. There are others who feel that it should be legalized and distributed over the counter like what just occurred in the State of Colorado. Now this does go against the National law but in that state you are allowed to purchase it over the counter. In some twenty states it is used for medical purposes. Four states are debating whether to either legalize it or at least use it for medical reasons. There are states such as Florida who are trying to get it on a ballot as to whether it could be used medically.

The times have changed and it's time to take the movie 'Reefer Madness' and shelve it's antiquated ideas. People in most of the United States are in favor of legalizing it and taxing the crap out of it to help to reduce our budget. For instance, some figures put the drug war expense at 15 -17 billion a year. One figure put the amount at 1 trillion for the last 40 years. Sounds like this has been a loss of a lot of federal dollars to stop something that is not stoppable. You go into any community in the United States and you will find some brand of marijuana being sold.

The movie 'Reefer Madness' attempted to sway the citizens of the United States and let them believe that this was an evil.

On a personal note my mother had cancer for some 15 years. She had chemo twice and radiation twice. Both times she would vomit from the procedure for days afterward. I and others know that if pot could have been there for her back in the 1970's she wouldn't have reacted to the procedures so violently.

The United States has for years used the cinema and film industry to promote values upon us that just don't make any sense. It is time we take a sincere look at this question of legalization. It is time we reduced our debt and with the legalization of marijuana we wouldn't be spending so much money trying to stop something that is going to be here anyway. It is time we take a look at what a comedy the movie 'Reefer Madness' has always been.