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From Pre-History to Post-Everything

Sean Kelly Gallery
Sean Kelly Gallery

Group Exhibition, From Pre-History to Post-Everything

Sean Kelly Gallery, NYC

June 27 - August 1, 2014

Hugo McCloud is an artist from California currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. He works with 'nontraditional materials to create experimental works.' His paintings, made from aluminum foil, aluminum coating and oil paint on tar paper were the first to catch my eye at Sean Kelly Gallery's current group exhibition - From Pre-History to Post-Everything. There's a great write up about him in The New York Times from earlier this year. And, a video, on the left side of this article, about his exhibition "Put in Place" (Watch it! His work is beautiful).

The exhibition presents ancient objects alongside contemporary paintings. A visual dialogue between the forms found in ancient cultures and the forms being investigated by our generation of painters working with abstraction. The modern work included artists: Evan Nesbit's Porosity (Traces), 2014, Hugo Mccloud's Too Many Tomorrows, 2014, Thomas Fougeirol's Untitled 2013 and, Dean Levin's Four of the Seasons, 2014. As well as Isaac Brest, Sarah Crowner, Luca Dellaverson, Kasper Sonne, Patricia Trein and accomplished abstractionist, Artie Vierkant. The ancient objects in the exhibition are geographically diverse, originating from the pre-Columbian Americas to China.

My Favorite Piece: Hugo McCloud, Too Many Tomorrows, 2014

Sean Kelly Gallery: Founded in Soho, the gallery moved to Chelsea in 2001 and, is now found in a beautiful 22,000 square foot space in a historic 1914 building. Located in Midtown West. Exhibiting important, challenging contemporary art, the gallery has a reputation for diverse, intellectually driven, unconventional exhibitions. The original list of artists represented included Marina Abramović, Joseph Kosuth and Julião Sarmento.

More Pics: HERE

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