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From Paris with Love, Signed Travolta


John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers hit the streets of Paris, as two unlikely partners --both working for the US government in an operation to take down a drug trafficking, terrorist cell.

James Reese (Rhys Meyers) is a quiet ambassador's aide who enjoys playing chess and dreams of moving up from switching out license plates, which was never really explained, to more serious assignments of under cover work.  Then comes Charlie Wax (Travolta).

Reese is summoned on short notice to pick Wax up from the airport, where Wax is being held for being less than cooperative.  Reese is to then escort the obnoxious Wax wherever he needs to go.  From here, Wax's hard hitting, "shoot 'em up and try to the beat the high score" antics, take Reese and Wax on a ride for which neither truly bargained.  Although, in the end, it is Reese that is brought full circle and must make a decision that could change his life.

Perhaps it's the bald head, or the stylish scarf that never leaves his neck, but Travolta definitely had a menacing edge in this movie and was able to pull of the violence/humor mix pretty well, for the most part. Travolta's over the edge character blended well with that of the more subdued Rhys Meyer, who's polished straight-shooting persona seemed to beg for a change.  

This movie is not for the faint at heart.  It is heavy on the profanity, it is quite violent and shows some sexuality (in the middle of an impromptu stakeout, Wax hooks up with, well, a hooker.)  It is a fast ride, with a few twists along the way; and while the ending is a bit weak, a modest prediction is that the fast paced journey the story takes may keep many interested.   As always, if you agree or disagree with this review, let me know.


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