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From My Paper Camera onward


My Paper Camera (members in 2009)

On January 17th, Boise music-lovers gathered at the Venue. We were celebrating the success of meaningful music, as My Paper Camera took the stage for the last time as a group. The set lasted about an hour, and included crowd favorites such "Charlotte" and "Young Love" from their recent EP, "Faces in a Magazine". It was, truly, an epic and emotional last show for fans and members alike.

Anyone familiar with the Bosie music scene knows that My Paper Camera has been brightening the ticket at venues around the valley for years. So, it was sad to hear of their breakup when they officially announced it last year in December. With the band gone, however, its members have had the chance to explore their personal music, so pay attention to new local groups that will soon enter the spotlight:

Your Friend, Peter Giles

Your, Friend Peter Giles is the music of former frontman Trevor Powers. In My Paper Camera, Trevor's piercing synthesizer rode atop catchy dance beats, providing a very appropriate catalyst for his meaningful lyrics, which were based in quant cross-sections of life experience. In Your Friend, Peter Giles, focus is on the lyricist's personal adventure. Though more broken down, Trevor's new music retains all of the characteristic energy and anecdotal writing of his former music in a more solemn application. Your Friend, Peter Giles is sure to deliver some fantastic shows to back his new EP, "The Traveler" which will be on iTunes soon, so keep updated via his myspace page, where you can find show dates, pictures, a bio, and other information. Spencer, Tyler, and Erik are also still finding other ways to pursue music. Though there's no official news of another band starting, if one does eventually surface, its going to be worth the wait.



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