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From Marble to Flesh: the Biography of Michelangelo’s David

This is the first general public book about Michelangelo’s David to tell the comprehensive story of the world-famous sculpture, from its origins up to the present day. It answers the frequently asked question: “Why is the David so famous?” The answer can be found in the David’s story, which art history professor Victor Coonin tells as a fascinating centuries-long biography.

The book explains how the block of marble was quarried more than half a century before the statue was installed in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria. But how can you gauge how many people will purchase a printed book? For this, the publishing house has turned to Kickstarter, a platform on which people can donate any sum towards a project in exchange for tangible rewards. Hoping to raise 5,000 USD, The Florentine Press will use these funds to cover printing costs, and project backers will receive copies of the book, among other things, as rewards. “An independent press like ours has to contend with market realities,” explained Badiani. “It can use tools like crowdfunding not just to raise monies but also to determine public interest.”

From Marble to Flesh is believed to be the first crowdfunding project related to Italian art history and is expected to achieve its goal due to the public’s deep affection for and love of Florentine art and, in particular, of Michelangelo’s David.

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