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From lottery scholarships to the West Memphis Three

The plate is full and there is much to talk about this Tuesday morning, so let’s get right to it!

It’s looking like the lottery scholarships in Arkansas will be at  $5,000 a year if you attend a four-year university and $2,500 a year for two-year schools. That’s the plan that cleared the House Rules Committee Monday; it’s headed now to the full House for approval there. Meanwhile, there are indications the fiscal session might run longer than planned, since Governor Beebe’s proposal to fill holes in this year’s budget with money from some legislative pet projects is running into opposition.

It took him 30 years, but Glenn Worthington has dug up the biggest diamond he’s ever found at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Worthington has registered a 2.13 carat, tea-colored diamond that he calls the “Brown Rice Diamond” because of its color and the fact that it’s elongated, like a grain of rice. Worthington and two friends search for diamonds at the park almost every day. Last April, Worthington found another diamond that was just over 2-carats in size.

It’s going to cost more to attend Arkansas Razorback football games this year. The university has announced that the base price for conference games in Fayetteville will be $55. The university add an additional $10 to tickets for the games played in Little Rock. Arkansas last raised prices from $35 to $45 just before the 2008 season. The new prices will stay in place for at least two years.

As we head for the blogs this morning. we’re starting with an update on a story that never fails to generate a lot of comments – the status of the West Memphis 3. Check out the latest and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

CBS’s 48 Hours Features Story on West Memphis 3

CBS News‘ 48 Hours Mystery, the award-winning news magazine show, will broadcast a feature story on the West Memphis 3 case on Saturday evening, February 27th at 10 p.m. EST.  Correspondent Erin Moriarity and producer Gail Zimmerman spent over six months developing the story, conducting original research and interviewing new witnesses. Many of the principals in the story will appear on camera, [...]

Is graffiti a definite sign of gang activity? Folks in Fayetteville aren’t ready to make that jump.  At least not quite yet, according to this blogger:

Graffiti tagger “yesr” strikes downtown Fayetteville again | CF

COMMENT: Fayetteville police say “yesr” has hit more 24 spots in the past 18 months. The latest hit was near the Fayetteville Square over the weekend. Graffiti is a public nuisance, no doubt, and incredibly annoying to property owners. Luckily, however, Fayetteville PIO [...]

And, as our thoughts turn to warmer weather and summer nights, another Little Rock blogger notes the schedule for outdoor movies at the Riverfest amphitheater:

Movies in the Park Schedule

Movies in the Park is back again this summer.  Family friendly movies are shown every week in Riverfest Amphitheater.  They announced this year's schedule last week.  It has some great movies.  Click the link for the full schedule, but the movies this year include […]

Mark your calendars now and how for great weather! Click Here for the video version of today's information.


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