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From launch to cloud


The history of networks might surprise you. Did you know that ethernet, the local area network family, was developed over 40 years ago? The technology used to create networks has grown exponentially over the decades, but somehow it has been slow to adapt to changing usage at the same time.

Infiniband was created just over a decade ago, and it is proving to be more adaptable to today’s cloud-based networks. It is faster, more efficient, less expensive, more flexible, and uses less power than traditional ethernet.

InfiniBand based clouds increase speed of server to server and server to storage networks. They improve performance of both big data projects and Hadoop clusters, and also lower latency for extreme application performance.

Check out this infographic for more on the history of Ethernet and InfiniBand and how they are keeping up with the changes in cloud-based networks. Is your network as efficient as it could be?