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From Kindergarten G&T to College SAT, we've got you covered - FREE!

This past October, the NY Gifted Education Examiner reported from the NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium and the keynote speech by Dr. Carol Dweck regarding the uselessness of IQ tests, and the dumbest thing you could say to a smart child.

Unfortunately, the New York City public school system doesn't particularly care what Dr. Dweck has to say.

They're going to continue giving IQ tests to four year olds for admission to Gifted & Talented programs - whether those tests actually measure anything or not.

Parents of Accelerated Learners, one of the organizations sponsoring the NYC G&T Symposium, is looking to help parents navigate this complicated process with a series of FREE Workshops in partnership with the Center for Mathematical Talent at NYU's Courant Institute.

Their 4-part, hands-on, monthly math series will introduce an approach to working with children that builds their skill at thinking mathematically. Starting with simple arithmetic, commercial games, and readily available materials, the experts from NYU will dig in deeply, encouraging children to ask questions, develop strategies, and make discoveries the way a mathematician would.

Seats are extremely limited, so, if interested, please register as soon as possible at:

The first workshop is this Tuesday, and the rest continue through June.

FEB 11- BEYOND FLASHCARDS: Problem-Solving

MAR 11- BEYOND FLASHCARDS: Meaningful Arithmetic



MAY 13- BEYOND FLASHCARDS: Visual and Spatial Thinking


And once you've got the hang of the G&T process, it's time for the next logical step: SAT Prep! (This is not true. In NYC, you still have middle school admissions and the SHSAT for high-school admissions to go. Details, here.)

However, if your child is closer to college than kindergarten age, you might want to consider signing them up for Sylvan Learning's FREE SAT and ACT Practice Exams over Presidents' Day weekend (February 15-17, 2014). These practice exams will allow students to recreate test-day conditions, understand what areas to focus on with their test prep and get ready for the day that their scores really count.

To see if your local Sylvan is participating in SAT/ACT Practice Test Day, visit

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