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From iPhone to Droid - Conclusion


HTC Incredible next to iPhone 3GS

It has been just over one month since I began a long-term review of the HTC Incredible. Saying farewell to the little guy is bittersweet. I will miss the consistent call quality, excellent 3G data performance, and push notification system. I will not miss the poor battery life, somewhat limited app selection, and difficulties managing MP3s, podcasts, and photos.

Android OS
In the last part of the long-term Incredible review, I wrote extensively about the Android OS and how it works on the device. Overall, Android version 2.1 works well on this handset. It is very responsive and while I did have some system processes crash, it was nothing out of the ordinary for an advanced smartphone. HTC Sense adds some flavor to the base OS, but with it comes clutter. Of course, as with most Android features and settings, it can be switched off.

Wireless Coverage
While I do not have any serious issues with AT&T around Boston, Verizon usually trumped AT&T when it came to quality of service. With the rare incident of poor service at my gym (couldn’t stream Internet radio), Verizon topped AT&T at overall signal strength and dropped much fewer calls. This should come as no surprise; it is fairly well known that Verizon has one of the best wireless networks available.

Battery Life
The downside to native multitasking, a large screen, push notifications, and fancy system animations is battery life, or lack there of. The Incredible was always dead before dinner unless I intervened with a quick charge here and there during the day. I am a heavy user but the iPhone could make it past 7PM, most of the time.

HTC Droid Incredible - Poor Battery Life

Touch Screen
Typing on the Incredible’s touch screen keyboard was not as good of an experience when compared to the iPhone. While I did appreciate the extra keys and pop-up word completion menu, typing in portrait mode never worked as well. Typing in landscape worked well, but was a slight inconvenience.

HTC Droid Incredible Touch Screen

Giving up the iPhone in exchange for the Incredible has truly been an enlightening experience. From a hardware perspective, there is no denying the Incredible is impressive. However, the lack of an “iTunes-like” application makes for a very different experience when compared to the iPhone. Organizing playlists, downloading podcasts, and managing photos/videos was just not an easy task. Until this hole is patched, I cannot personally recommend an Android device over the iPhone. However, for current Verizon customers, or those who do not currently use iTunes to manage their music and videos, this Incredible is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

The HTC Incredible failed to load any Podcasts to it's 8GB internal memory card


  • Iphonesux 5 years ago

    Android app store is just as good as apple. Your obviously a fan boy just admit it. Itunes sux too.

  • Louis Abate 5 years ago

    Respectfully, I have to disagree. I frequently use KCRW's radio app to stream live and on-demand radio, Apple's remote app to control my multi-room audio, Air Video to stream my entire video collection over wi-fi or 3G, and a handful of games I have grown quite fond of. This review was comparing my experience from iPhone to Android and at this point, the app selection is not quite comparable.

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