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From Hallmark with Love: Social Media Day is Tomorrow, June 30th


As fate would have it, I overestimated Hallmark as I was absolutely sure they would have created at least one greeting card to capitalize on the first ever Social Media Day that was created by Mashable, a leader in news coverage of all things social media.  It will be observed tomorrow, Wednesday, June 30th, 2010.

Mashable has planned and promoted the celebration and recognition of the impact that social media has had on our culture by suggesting small 'meetups' be held all over the world in recognition of the influence and role that social media has had on people via the internet and mobile web.  The primary players that define social media include but are not limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare and FriendFeed.  Social media is a very pervasive activity spanning home computers, laptops and smartphones.  What began as personal communication has spilled over into the business world and has still not found its peak.  Marketers are effectively leveraging social media to promote and sell products.  Useful applications using the power of GPS and location are plentiful and significantly expand the amount of information available to anyone with a computer or smartphone. 

Locally, there will be meetups in Appleton, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha and La Crosse.  Watch an imaginative overview of The Social Media Revolution: 

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