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From Dream Maker to Pop Star, Carmine Russotti Continues to Impress

Carmine Russotti
Carmine Russotti
Patrick Soloman

Carmine Russotti just released his debut single and video on Hoopla/INgrooves with his song, “The Dream Maker.” This is a song of hope, a catchy, upbeat song that makes you not just learn the hook but sing along with it. It is an encouraging song of brilliance by a man who taught music in the New York public school system for 27 years. He was a true dream maker as a teacher of others music, and now he is using his own music.

The video takes the watcher/listening on a magic carpet ride through a dream world of time square that includes belly dancers and a hip hop verse before Carmine wakes up wondering what is going on in his music career. It is an epic journey of musical fun and excitement!

Russotti’s new single is a catchy tune that makes you memorize the hook after only one listen, and it becomes evident very quickly that Russotti is trying to continue to inspire as he changes careers. The video was directed by Eugene Choe.

The song is available on every major outlet online, and you can also get a signed picture from Russotti if you purchase his the song from his website, ...

Click here to watch the video from Carmine Russotti WATCH VIDEO