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From culture, to cheese, to crunchy cheese

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If you love cheese, then this article is for you. If you think cheese is pure evil, please change the channel now. Cheese lovers, there is a tasty treat about which you need to know and it comes from the local fromagerie known as Sonoma Creamery.

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Founded in 1931, Sonoma Creamery, known for their line of delicious Jack Cheeses with such flavors as garlic, hot pepper, pesto, and many more, have come up with a fun and crunchy way to eat more cheese. Mr. Cheese O’s is the name of the product, and though the name is painfully pedestrian and lacking any creative thought whatsoever, it does a good job of letting you, the consumer, know what you are getting into when you buy this product, and believe me, you will want to buy it. Despite the clumsy name, Mr. Cheese O’s are downright excellent.


  • Original: 100% real parmesan cheese with quinoa and other ancient grains that is light, crunchy & savory
  • Cheddar: real cheddar and parmesan cheeses with quinoa and ancient grains
  • Tuscan Herb: real parmesan and other cheeses with bold garlic, sweet basil, other Italian herbs and quinoa
  • Sweet Chili: real parmesan and other cheeses with chili peppers, quinoa and a hint of sweetness

In addition to four great flavors and an intense crunch, Mr. Cheese O’s is a borderline health food. It contains no artificial ingredients and is corn-, wheat-, gluten-, and preservative-free. Each pack harbors only 150 calories, but is jam packed with 10 grams of protein and 25% of your daily value of calcium. Better still, Mr. Cheese O’s contain no artificial hormones, trans fat, and have only 6 grams of carbohydrates per pack (3 grams per serving!).

If you want to get ahold of some Mr. Cheese O’s for yourself, there’s about a million ways to make it happen. Since it is a local company, Sonoma Creamery products are available all over the San Francisco Bay Area in places like Safeway, Ralphs, and CostCo. For more information about Mr. Cheese O’s or Sonoma Creamery, click here.



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