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From chia to tea, 8 ways to suppress hunger, boost metabolism, rev weight loss

Fight obesity.
Fight obesity.
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If you gained weight over the winter, you're not alone. On a recent episode of his talk show, Steve Harvey talked with nutritionist Joy Bauer about the reasons that people gain an average of seven pounds every winter. Joy revealed eight ways to shed that winter weight gain, including boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. She is the author of "Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan & Inspiration" and "Joy Bauer's Food Cures: Eat Right to Get Healthier, Look Younger, and Add Years to Your Life."

Joy's tips include:

  • Take off the top slice of bread to slash 100 calories from the meal.
  • Instead of starch, eat cauliflower. Try mashing cauliflower to make mashed "potatoes." Joy also has authored a cookbook: "Slim and Scrumptious: More Than 75 Delicious, Healthy Meals Your Family Will Love."
  • Stop nibbling on extras like food left on your child's plate or candy from the office candy bowl.
  • Boost your metabolism with shrimp. One piece has eight calories. Because it is pure protein, it suppresses hunger and boosts weight loss.
  • Eat spicy foods like jalapenos to rev your metabolism and cut cravings.
  • Vinegar prevents sugar spikes and helps you stay full while adding flair to salads without calories.
  • When study participants smelled peppermint every two hours, they ate about 3,000 fewer calories and had didn't feel hungry. Try peppermint tea, chew peppermint gum or try a peppermint candle (smell it, don't eat it!).
  • Chia power: These seeds boost your weight loss and reduce hunger because they can absorb nine to ten times their weight in water. With five grams of fiber a tablespoon, they're super-filling. Try with oatmeal or add to smoothies.
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