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From captivity to teaching and everything in between

Terry speaking out about the safety of journalists.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Journalism is a way of life for many people. Chasing the story, getting the front page is all part of the glory. Becoming a captive is not considered into the equation, but unfortunately it does happen, as we all well know from the headlines today. With all the talks of journalists and captivity, among other things, in the news, it is only fitting to have this week’s article about a journalist. Born in Lorain, Ohio in 1947 he grew up in New York and became an international journalist working for the Associated Press, traveling around the world. In the 80s he was sent to Beirut where he was kidnapped and held hostage for almost seven years. His name is Terry Anderson.

Many years has passed since Terry A. Anderson was abducted and held hostage by terrorist. Anderson’s captivity is considered to be the longest in American history. There has been much happen since his release including divorce, a lawsuit against the Iranian Government, and even what he does to make a living.

Terry A. Anderson served his country during the Vietnam War, as a war journalist, so he was not going into a foreign country without knowledge of how dangerous it could be. What he did forget was to take precautions and when he decided to play a round of tennis, he let his guard down and was kidnapped from the tennis court. Six years and nine months later he was back on American soil, and free.

Since the time of his captivity, Terry A. Anderson has moved forward and is living his life in new ways. After winning a lawsuit against the Iranian Government, and actually receiving money from it due to the persistence of his attorney, Anderson bought a Blue’s bar in Athens, Ohio where he lived for a while on a 167 acre farm. He also worked in radio and taught journalism at the Ohio State University.

Anderson started several charity organizations with his settlement and is proud to help those less fortunate. One charity helps build schools for children in Vietnam. While another charity, the Father Lawrence Jenco Foundation, helps people in the Appalachia area. Giving back to the community and helping others is very important to him. He is involved with the protection of journalists and stays active with promoting the sanctity of Freedom of Speech in journalism, and for all media.

Terry A. Anderson fills his days with talk shows, radio shows, and traveling to different events. His years spent in captivity didn't take away his journalistic drive. He still keeps up with world affairs and though he doesn't travel the world chasing the story, he does travel the world for speaking engagements. He tells of his captivity and of journalism, and maybe of his charities and how he has taken the bad and turned it into the good.

Today, Terry A. Anderson lives in Florida and has been hired to teach at the University of Florida. He will be teaching, surprise, surprise, journalism.

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