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From bitter to sweet

The tree, the cross
The tree, the cross
Donna New

And (Moses) cried to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a tree which he cast into the waters, and the waters were made sweet.... (Exodus 15:25 AMP)

I lost a job in Miami and I could feel the potential for bitterness in me. It isn't that I was faultless, because I wasn't. I was definitely partially to blame. But when I was told I didn't understand completely why. But once I was gone bitterness was setting in. We were studying Moses in Bible Study. We talked about what bitterness can do to our hearts. A root of bitterness can change a person spiritually to have a hard heart. The tree, a symbol for the cross can make us sweet. So I prayed often, Lord make me sweet and not bitter.

Life throws at us day after day burdens difficult to carry. Some come once in a while. Some we bear all our lives. They cause bitterness to easily set in. Moses cried to the Lord. God longs for us to cry to Him, maybe not complain, but pleadingly tell Him of our burdens so He can take us to the cross. There we find the deepest love and the sweetest Savior. He's One who can change our hearts to tender and sweet.