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From Ashes To Embers

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This film is set in 13th Century Norway, where most people are converted to christianity. Thorngrim believes in the old ways. He is a man that was betrayed in the past by a friend, and lost his daughter and wife in a house fire. He was also stripped of his nobility and land. The film starts with Thorgrim, who has up until now lived his life as a rogue thief, waking up in dungeon awaiting his death sentence. To his surprise he gets a visit from his jailer, who spares him and sets him free. He also offers Thorgrim a way to bring honor upon his family name again and retrieve his land and title.In return the jailer wants Thorgrim to assassinate a high lord and also to retrieve a mythical artifact.Thorgrim accepts. He knows he cannot perform this task alone, so he gathers a crew of seven including himself. Rolf; an old friend of Thorgrim.

The Shooting schedule: Shooting “From Ashes To Embers” will commence this summer, autumn and beginning of winter 2015. Because the cast & crew is working on a volunteer basis it will be shot in multiple phases during evenings, weekends and vacations.

Perks include Executive producer, Cameos, Dagger props from the film, bracers and bracelets, tutorials and the movie on DVD.

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