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From $75 to $120 in no time flat, speeding ticket fines increase today

It's time to get the lead out - out of your foot. 

Today is the day the price you pay for a speeding ticket in Illinois goes up - way up.

Drivers caught speeding 20 mph or less over the posted speed limit will have to pay $120. That compares to the $75 it cost speeders yesterday.

The cost for going 20 to 30 mph over the limit climbs from $95 to $140. 

And if you're 30 to 40 mph over the limit, the fine jumps to $160, up from $105.

The new bail bond fees apply to drivers who choose to admit guilt and simply send a payment to the court. People who choose to fight the ticket potentially face additional court fees if they go to court and lose.

The Illinois Supreme Court approved the higher fees earlier this year, noting Illinois' last  increase was in 1993. 

Cynics says the increase is a way to funnel more money into government coffers at a time when Illinois teeters on bankruptcy. On the other hand, with a lot of average citizens facing financial hardship as well, traffic courts could become clogged with people wanting to contest their pricey tickets.

Here are some of the other increases that take effect today:

  • Seat belt violations - $60, up from $55.
  • Misdemeanor driving with a revoked or suspended license -$1,500, up from $1000
  • Unlawful use of a license - $1,500, up from $750

Click here for a link the the Illinois Supreme Court notice detailing all the new fines.


  • Profile picture of Shamontiel Vaughn
    Shamontiel Vaughn 4 years ago

    Absolutely ridiculous and counterproductive. With Illinois' current unemployment rate, I don't know what the city thinks it's proving with this one. Although I do hope people don't drive on suspended licenses, without seatbelts and with unlawful use of a license, I think that speeding ticket is ridiculous. It'll definitely make me drive more carefully, but I still think it's too steep.