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Froch's mouthwatering menu choice must be Argentine prime ribs, Martinez

Froch gained his career best victory in outdueling Durable Dane Mikkel Kessler in London Saturday night
Froch gained his career best victory in outdueling Durable Dane Mikkel Kessler in London Saturday night


Hail the Conquering Hero and all that but the tea leaves in my mixed metaphorical tea cup tell me that the High Sherriff of Nottingham, redoubtable Carl Froch, is looking up when he should be looking down.

In the wake of his landmark victory, his greatest career triumph, over durable Dane Mikkel Kessler Saturday night in London, Frochie and others mentioned a nonsensical rematch with super middleweight ruler Andre Ward and a bout against Ancient One, Bernard Hopkins.

Maybe Froch should talk to Joe Calzaghe about how difficult, if not impossible, it is to negate the negative ring tactics of BHop. Anyway you slice it, that matchup is no barnburner.

Indeed, it seems odd that Leaping Lou DiBella, promoter who learned to whisper in a saw mill, is keeping his piehole shut about Froch.

The best fight for Froch now, either at year's end or in the spring of 2014, would be a titular showdown with middleweight monster and DiBella's loyal liege, Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez.

Load up the highlight reel, show the Brits flashbacks to the Argentinian whipping first Matty Macklin and then, in a closer contest, outpointing Martin Murray. I'm still wondering why in Hades Murray did not put his boxing boots on the petrol pedal in Buenos Aires in the final two rounds. If he had, the injured Martinez might be kind of an afterthought for Froch.

Who cares if they make the contract weight 164 or 165 pounds? Martinez-Froch is a sizzling matchup and, given that Sergio's next birthday cake will have 39 candles, why delay?

DiBella has gone to radio silence which always makes me suspicious of his conduct.

There can only be a few reasons why the Excitable Boy is quiet. One, Martinez's leg injury is problematic. Two, DiBella is not keen on the match.

Fight fans, especially those of you in the UK, should hope DiBella is mum for the third reason.

Third, discussions are beginning to percolate and the sides have agreed to stay quiet.

It's the most mouthwatering choice for "Maravilla" and for Froch.

No matter what he does, Froch gets schooled again by slick Ward. Perhaps that's why Froch threw out a distractor, demanding Ward fight him on British soil.

Let''s see who is the most super among the middleweights, Sergio or Froch.

Meanwhile, that looks like duct tape sealing DiBella's motormouth.

But can it last?



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