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Fritz Chestnut opens at Country Club Gallery on April 17th


John Knuth and Country Club Projects will be celebrating the opening of a solo exhibition of paintings by Fritz Chestnut this Saturday evening from 6 to 8 pm. The exhibition, located in the famed Schindler Buck House in Los Angeles, will occur concurrently with a solo show of Chestnut's paintings in Country Club's other gallery, located in Cincinnati.  

Chestnut's series of paintings, titled Peak and Flow, focus on the painter's commitment to capture the essence of water. In the process, according to Country Club director John Knuth, Chestnut  "marries surfing zen with modernist abstraction" through the heavily textured and lava-like movement of the paint across his canvases, which evoke both psychic surrealism and cataclysmic processes of nature. In a stylistic and technical departure from his photo-realist images of crowds and performers, Chestnut creates the works in Peak and Flow without a paintbrush, instead pouring or dripping the paint down on the canvas or moving the canvas under a steady flow of paint.

The exhibition will be on view through May 15th.

Country Club Gallery


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