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Fritti Fabulous

Fritti in Inman Park

Inside the city of Atlanta you will find some great eats and many provide a unique flair. As a food allergic, foodie and cook it's really hard to find have a fabulous dining experience many times. Today a business lunch meeting. The gentleman taking me to lunch had made the reservation. I didn't have the opportunity to call ahead and warn them I was coming- as I usually don't have that luxury when dining out. Lucky for me I had a wonderful experience today.

Fritti sits on the corner in an adorable little neighborhood called Inman Park that is often bustling with consumers dining out, food shopping or walking their dogs. There are many great places to chose from in this little neighborhood, some of which are a little snotty and pretentious and others are very down to earth and helpful.

Fritti did a fabulous job today and I can't pass up the opportunity to compliment them. I scanned the menu upon seating, whipped out my phone and handed it to the server, explaining "I have 10 food allergies so I want to give you this list upfront so you can be prepared when I order." I told her some things that looked pretty safe to me on the menu that I might be interested in.

  1. Server asked to take my list to the chef- (PERFECT I give her an A just for that).
  2. Server spoke with her manager and informed them of my food allergies.
  3. Manager came back to the table with the server and stated some things I may be safe with and said anything that I wanted to modify, they would be happy to make.
  4. Manager came back to clarify some questions that came up as the meal was being prepared.
  5. Manager delivered the meal to the table himself.
  6. Server did a prompt check in with us to make sure I was okay.
  7. The meal was delicious, fresh, full flavored and perfectly proportioned for the two of us to share and enjoy discussing business over lunch.
  8. The chef and the rest of the staff acknowledged me as I was leaving and I sincerely thanked them for their care and attention as well as a fabulous meal.

I know it's very difficult for most to cater their menus to me, but when the staff takes time and effort, has fresh whole ingredients and is educated about their food, menu and how to safely serve and take care of a food allergic, it makes all the difference in the world.

Free Range all Natural Chicken Breast sat atop fresh arugula tossed with kalamata olives, fresh, sweet cherry tomatoes and cumber in a balsamic and olive oil dressing.

The pizza was hand tossed with San Marzano tomato, garlic, wild oregano, olive oil and black pepper (no cheese). There was nothing left on the plates when we left- not even a crumb on the table.

I wasn't relegated to eating a boring chicken breast and plain salad nor did anyone make nasty comments like "you need to learn to cook and how could you expect us to cater to you on the fly like this."

The atmosphere at Fritti is very open and light with indoor/outdoor feel but still tastefully and comfortably decorated. I had a salad and pizza that was fresh and melted in my mouth with flavor. The staff was all friendly and not pushy. They have a great wine list, although I didn't drink and they serve espresso- which may need a little work- it wasn't as fresh and tasteful as I have had in Italy or other places. If they served dessert free of all 10 allergens I would have ordered it and I was really thankful they offered espresso as I they knew I couldn't have dessert- something often overlooked by servers who are just programmed to ask if I want dessert (YES I do- but do you offer something I can eat without dying?) Fritti was full of class from top to bottom, back to front.

The theme of the restaurant is modern, traditional italian not American Italian- but real Northern Italian fresh.

I highly recommend a visit.

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