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Fringe 101: Olivia Dunham


Olivia Dunham is a Special Agent in the FBI assigned to the multi-agency task force Fringe Division.  She has been assigned to investigate unexplained phenomena and a series of events called The Pattern.


Agent Dunham was originally paired in a secret relationship with her partner,  Agent John Scott, who died during the Pilot episode.

She has shared some romantic moments with Peter Bishop as well.  Bishop also shared some romantic moments with Olivia's sister, Rachel.  Rachel's daughter, Ella, greatly admires her Aunt Liv, and they share a very special relationship.

In the Season One episode, The Cure, Olivia receives a birthday card from her stepfather, but that is the only contact from any of her parents so far.


Olivia was subjected to trials of a drug called Cortextiphan by Walter Bishop and William Bell.  Agent Dunham has developed an outstanding memory and ability to travel between other universes/dimensions, likely due to the Cortextiphan tests.

David Robert Jones, Nina Sharp, and William Bell (from the Alternate Universe) have all attempted to use Olivia for their own purposes (and for the greater good) at different times to fight the war between the universes.

Currently, Walternate has Agent Dunham imprisoned, while Bolivia masquerades as the real Olivia in our world.


Agent Dunham is portrayed by Anna Torv, an Australian actress whose credits include the Australian series, The Secret Life of Us, and the American cable miniseries, The Pacific.

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