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Frigid lows, shipwrecks, a heat wave and a wildfire

Almanac 1 September 2014
Almanac 1 September 2014
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

Frigid lows, shipwrecks, a heat wave and a wildfire top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here are the events that happened on September 1.

1859 - The wood, passenger & package freight Manhattan, while carrying general freight and passengers, was trying to make shelter because of a gale, when she ran aground and was wrecked in the mouth of Grand Marais, MI harbor in Lake Superior. Her cargo was later removed by the scow Neptune and taken to Marquette, her original destination. The hulk partially blocked the entrance for almost 20 years.

1883 - The wood schooner Yankee Blade, while carrying 507 tons of iron ore, was bound St. Ignace, Michigan for Elk Rapids in a fresh wind and heavy sea, when she sprang a leak 8 miles south of Skillagallee and foundered a short time later in Lake Michigan. Her crew was just able to abandon her in time, and made their way to Cross Village, Mich. in the small boat. Two crewmen had deserted just before she sailed, saying she was unseaworthy. She went down in 15 fathoms of water.

1891 - The wood schooner Evaline Bates, went ashore in a gale and filled with water near Beaver Island, MI in Lake Michigan. She was deemed too old and valueless to salvage, and was left to break up. Also went ashore on Grand Island, MI, in Lake Superior sometime in 1869 and was expected at that time to become a total loss.

1914 - The town of Bloomingdale in Van Buren County is bombarded with 9.78 inches of rain in 24 hours to establish a state record for Michigan. (National Climatic Data Center)

1933 - A wildfire burned several lumber camps and then jumped U.S. Highway 2 near the intersection of M-64 in Gogebic County.

1953 - A heat wave that began in late August continued into September, with record highs of 97° at Grand Rapids and 96° at Lansing and 95° at Muskegon. Other records include Alpena 99°, Detroit 98°, Flint 97°, Houghton Lake 94°, and Sault Ste. Marie 93°. For Muskegon, Alpena these are all time record highs for the month of September.

1967 - Detroit experienced a record low of 42° and Flint 40°.

1979 - A severe thunderstorm produced a 61 mph wind gust 2.6 miles west of Hubbell in the early evening.

1998 - 1 inch hail (quarter sized) fell out of a severe thunderstorm in Birch Creek in the midafternoon. A 30 inch diameter 50 ft tall tree was downed 1 mile north of Menominee in the mid afternoon

2009 - September begins with temperatures more typical of October. Lows include 44° at Grand Rapids, 41° at Muskegon, 36° at Ludington, Hersey and Baldwin, and 35° at Harrison. Cadillac fell to 32° for the second morning in a row, and Leota in Clare County fell to 30°.

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