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Frightened little heeler's time soon to run out at Fort Worth shelter

Poor little Ana crouches in the corner; maybe she thinks no one will notice how scared she is?
Poor little Ana crouches in the corner; maybe she thinks no one will notice how scared she is?
Urgent Dogs of Fort Worth Animal Care and Control

The petite beagle and heeler mix named Ana is very frightened. Out of desperation and fear, she crouches uncomfortably in the corner of a cold, impersonal metal kennel; not even a towel to cuddle in for the least bit of soothing comfort in what might very well be her last night alive.

Ana is currently being held at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control.

Why is she here?

Reason for URGENT STATUS: Temperament - Scared

Animal ID: 22413480
Name: Ana
Breed: Beagle/Heeler mix
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Weight: 35 lbs

According to Urgent Animals at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, Ana must have a rescue commitment immediately.

Reference and follow Ana's Facebook page and the animal advocates helping to save this dog by clicking here.

A volunteer agrees that Ana is timid, but states the dog is easily petted:

"She is a typical heeler in the shelter; needs out to blossom. She's fearful, but okay of the leash."

Please do not call the shelter. Also, messages posted on an animal’s thread may be overlooked and do not constitute a valid tag. The only way to tag an animal is by emailing Detailed tagging information is at

Please share Ana's tragic story with your friends, family and coworkers. She only has a few hours left.

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