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Frightened dog found with 'free' magic marker written across her body

Now Libby has a new home and doesn't have to worry anymore. The words have been shampooed away forever.
Now Libby has a new home and doesn't have to worry anymore. The words have been shampooed away forever.Screen save from video

A young, light brown dog shivered with fear and cried after an unknown person tied her to a tree outside of a Chinese restaurant last Thursday in Benica, Calif., with the words "free" written in black magic marker across her body, and "I need a home" written on her forehead reported

Animal lover, Shannon Bettencourt just happened to be walking by, when she spotted the beleaguered pooch on July 4th, and decided to keep the dog for the night instead of calling the police or taking her to a nearby animal shelter.

As Shannon further contemplated the dog's fate, she realized if she took the dog to the pound, it was likely the scared, although well behaved dog with the pleading, big brown eyes would be euthanized; after all shelters are so overcrowded. That night, the two bonded, and Shannon decided the pup with the magic marker message was to become part of her family:

"Somebody just kind of treated her like trash, but she ended up being my treasure," Shannon stated.

Now named Libby, which is short for Liberty; indicative of the day she was rescued, Shannon says her new canine friend is healthy and well-trained, which makes her wonder why someone ever abandoned her. It doesn't seem to matter to Libby or Shannon; both of them have now miraculously found each other.

Great rescue Shannon. We love happy endings.

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