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Fright Night remake with Colin Farrell


Colin Farrell - 2010

Fright Night, one of my old favorites, is being remade with Colin Farrell to play the key character in the film, a vampire. I remember sitting in the Malco theater in Memphis with my best friend, who was an Anne Rice fanatic, watching this creature with fangs actually compel me to like him. Even after sinking his teeth into Amanda Bearse's character looked so excruciatingly painful, I was still interested. (see video below) This was probably the bite that sparked my vampire curiosity.

 In the 1985 version of the film, Chris Sarandon portrayed the role of Jerry, the new vampire in the neighborhood with captivating skill. He definitely intrigued me. Can Colin Farrell do the same? Well, I don't think so, but maybe he will prove me wrong.

Of all the vampire stories and movies to which I have been introduced, I must say that the one vampire who has intrigued me the most was Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties. Although I have yet to read the books that the show was based on, it was the way actor Kyle Schmid portrayed the character with alluring, realistic talent that pulled me in and literally put me in a trance. Now put him in the Fright Night role of Jerry the vampire and you can bet this remake would be a box office hit!

Comment below and tell me your opinion on Colin Farrell portraying this character. Also let us know what vampire has charmed you the most?

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  • Lindyb 5 years ago

    I LOVED Fright Night! Chris Sarandon was sexy, compelling and sympathetic as Jerry. I think Kyle would be wonderful in that role. His portrayal of Henry was seductive with just a touch of sadness. Kyle as Jerry in Fright Night...that's a movie I would line up to see.

  • Memphis Vampire Examiner- Raelynn 5 years ago

    Now I have to go and rent Fright Night! :)

  • Andrea Jones-Memphis Rock Music Examiner 5 years ago

    Man, Raelynn, can you write, or what? This article was the shizzle!

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