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Friendship Fix


Friendship Fix

Both me and my best friend have been single for 3 years. We’re always together and we always have each other’s back. Even though we are single I’m looking to find someone special. I get a lot of attention and I’m always out there trying to meet new people. The problem is when I’m dating someone new my best friend starts to treat me differently. She always finds something wrong with my new guy and does her best to convince me that he is bad for me. She complains about how I act when I’m with someone new and we constantly argue until I’m back to not talking to anyone anymore. It’s starting to get ridiculous. Even though I love my best friend to death I feel that she is getting in the way. Should I ignore her or just not tell her when I’m talking to a new guy? I don’t want to lose my friendship but my best friend is driving me crazy.

There is nothing more classic than a jealous best friend when you have found happiness before her. Friendships are a lot like relationships. If you value your friendship then when you find a guy who makes you happy then don’t change a thing about your friendship with your best friend. Women always make the big mistake of letting a good guy, at least for the moment; distract her from everything else great in her life. Instead of letting your new guy over-power your other relationships find the correct balance to add him into your cycle.

As far as your best friend goes it’s up to you to communicate your feelings. First talk about you new guy to her in the way only best friends can. Get her to see why you like him so much. Don’t let your bestie try to change your thoughts about this guy, unless she has reasonable doubt to why he’s not a good guy. Don’t talk about him too much, just enough so that she understands why you choose this guy over the next. Then after she knows you like him, drop it. Don’t flaunt your new guy in her face. If you know that you’ll be hanging with him and not her be sure to let your bestie know in advance that you’ll be busy.

Finally when you know that you’re guy is going to stick around for awhile start to find things that everyone can do together. Have a dinner party and invite you best and your beau, take a day trip to Six Flags and make the new guy pay. If your best friend doesn’t love him after that then she’s a tough cookie.

The hardest part about this situation is not letting anyone feel left out. That means in the beginning it will be difficult for you right now; running around trying to make everyone happy. But if these people make you happy then it’s worth a little effort in the end.

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