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Friends with benefits: Sex survey reveals success of meeting partners through friends


Photo courtesy of Glenn Harper:

According to the 2009 Sex Survey in the March issue of “Maxim” magazine, a rather impressive 57.3% of women surveyed who were in a relationship met their partner through friends. 

That 57.3% of women surveyed overshadowed the 18.9% who met their partner at work, 13% who met their partner online, and, finally, the 10.8% that met their significant other at a club or bar.

There’s a thought: let’s use our friends as a filter.  Clearly you agree on enough to be friends in the first place.  Same sense of humor and fun, similar morals… So then why do we so quickly forget their connections and other friends?  They picked you (or vice versa), they must have a handful of eligible, smart, sexy, funny friends they could hook you up with.

Now, I’m not saying use and abuse your friends as a dating service, but I think if people are serious about finding something special and leaving the bed-hopping and bar-hopping at the back door, we should consider using trustworthy resources, like friends.

Ironically that 57.3% of women who met their partner through friend(s) nearly matches the 57% of women who sleep with a guy within three weeks of meeting him. Let’s take these stats one step at a time, shall we? More on “sexpediting” relationships later…

For now,  go grab a cocktail with your friends and “network.”