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Friends With Benefits Does Not Always Work

Some of you have seen the movies No Strings Attached or Friends With Benefits. Most of you have heard what it means and some have even played part of it. It may sound fun but sometimes Friends With Benefits does not turn out the way it does in the movies.

If you are looking for a relationship friends with benefits may not be a good idea. Usually when it comes to friends with benefits someone always falls for the other person. The end results in someone getting hurt.

Most girls are wired to get attached emotionally. When they sleep with a guy they believe that a guy really cares for them. Some guys sleep with girls for sex and not a relationship. Girls are more likely to get hurt in friends with benefits than a guy will.

It could get awkward when one person starts dating someone else. It will come to a stop.

There are not a lot of perks when it comes to friends with benefits. To the girls they will not get fancy dinners or romance. They will be a secret. They will want to be more and hope to be more but in the end it will only be full of heartbreak.

Friends with benefits can not only make things weird but it could ruin a friendship. The best advice is to either stay friends or start a relationship with your friend. If you are going to do a hookup go with guys where it will not be weird, just be careful.

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