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Friends play with Ouija board then end up possessed and get sent to hospital

A group of friends allegedly became possessed by evil spirits after playing with a Ouija board this week. They were taken to a hospital, treated and released, the Blaze reported on Monday.

Three American friends hospitalized in Mexico after becoming possessed after playing with Ouija board
Photos courtesy of EuroPics

Three American citizens were hospitalized in Mexico this week after they got possessed from spirits after playing with a Ouija board game. The trio were at a the village of San Juan Tlacotenco in southwest Mexico visiting family.

Brother and sister Sergrio and Alexandra Huerta were playing with a Ouija board with their cousin Fernando Cuevas and after a few minutes into the game, Alexandra began growling and went into a trance-like state. Sergio and Fernando claimed to have bouts of hallucinations, blindness, and deafness.

Paramedics were called to the house and they took the three friends to the hospital. When the medics arrived at the scene, Alexandra was thrashing and growling and had to be restrained to prevent her from hurting herself and others.

"We’re going to die. They will die," Alexandra said to paramedics while she was laughing hysterically and growling.

Alexandra and Sergrio's parents called a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism but priest refused to do one because the family wasn't members of the local church.

"The medical rescue of these three young people was very complicated. They had involuntary movements and it was difficult to transfer them to the nearest hospital because they were so erratic. It appeared as if they were in a trance-like state, apparently after playing with the Ouija board. They spoke of feeling numbness, double vision, blindness, deafness, hallucinations, muscle spasm and difficulty swallowing," Tepoztlan director of public safety Victor Demesa said in a statement.

The Heurtas and Cuevas were treated with painkillers and anti-stress medication and were eventually released from the hospital. The hospital staff didn't comment on whether they thought that the trio were really possessed or not.

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