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Friends Of Emmet at the Viper Rooms tonight.

F.o.E the album cover for Coming Apart
F.o.E the album cover for Coming Apart

Top Irish band Friends of Emmet, who are currently touring the States and Canada are back in LA again and will be rocking out at the Viper Room from 8pm tonight. The band, who are originally from Dublin, Ireland, relocated to Los Angeles last year while recording their album Coming Apart (released in April) and have been backwards and forwards between LA and Ireland ever since.

The video for the title song 'Coming Apart' features and is based on the real life story of Kevin Hines, who miraculously survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge while suffering under the extremes of Bi Polar disorder. Since surviving his ordeal Kevin has put all his energies into suicide prevention and his own story was featured in 'The Bridge' - a documentary that shared some shocking facts and details about suicide levels on the bridge and in California - and all proceeds of the 'Coming Apart ' single are going towards the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

So pop your glad rags on and head down to the Viper Room tonight.