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Friends increase your longevity

Friends increases longevity
Friends increases longevity

Seniors if you have reconnected with your best friend from high, or kept in touch with the best friend over the years, you already have the prescription for a longer life. Seniors we know that having good friends make our lives a lot richer, and help us through some tough times. Did you know that friends may also increase our longevity? We all have family and many believe close times with family can increase your life. This is not the case. A network of good friends is more likely than close family relationships to increase longevity in older people. Older Americans are affected by health, social and economical factors, these factors can affect the longevity of an older person in a negative way, but friendships have a positive effect on longevity of an older person. Therefore, friends you are my positive line to a long life.

Why do friendships have a powerful positive effect on longevity? Friends, well at least good friends will encourage each other to take better care of themselves. In addition, friends will encourage friends to see medical attention, when they notice something wrong with each other. Moreover, friends help each other through difficult times, by administering means of advice and sympathy. This has a positive effect on mood and self-esteem of an individual. Whether the friendships are new or old doesn’t matter. It would make sense that the longer the friendship the better for longevity in life for seniors.

A true friendship fulfills different needs and usually occurs naturally. A true friendship consists of high values on things like honesty, trust, respect, and loyalty. In addition, a true friendship has the unselfish craving to do what is best for the other half of the friendship. The Bible quotes true friendship is a form of love. A love that is almost like, finding your friend soul mate. Close friendships can affect not only longevity but also psychological pathways that are defending our mental health.

One thing older Americans can do to obtain longevity is maintain a strong social network throughout life. Friendship support provides the opportunity for everyone to experience the joy of giving to others. Older Americans discover that a certain degree of health and vitality is directly associated with the personal contributions made to their social network; and not based on what they took from the social network. On the other hand, loneliness and lack of social support has a negative effect on longevity. Friendship is like a vaccine, a social vaccine that enhances our well being and length of our lives. The connection between social interaction and health is interesting, but is difficult to define due to cultural differences in how friendships are formed. Read more on friendships and longevity at the following websites: