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Friends don't want people judging ASU college student's death

Naomi McClendon performing.
Naomi McClendon performing.

In the early hours of Sunday, March 30th, 2014, Naomi McClendon fell to her death from the 10th floor of an apartment complex near Arizona State University. Video footage obtained by surveillance cameras, captured images of the teen appearing extremely intoxicated prior to the fall. In her last moments, Naomi is seen hanging on a balcony, before tumbling over and falling to her death.

This horrible tragedy is creating many heated debates on campus, in Phoenix, and even around the world. At the center of most of the debates is the problem of teen drinking. This is a problem that is not inherent to Arizona State University alone, but campuses all over the Country and World.

Unfortunately, Naomi's family and friends have been facing an onslaught of cruel comments, insults and jokes regarding this tragedy. This post, from Emily Besette, a high school friend of Naomi's, sums up how many of them are feeling:

"As I begin this status, let me first off go ahead and apologize for my language. I was reading Naomi McClendon's story online and I got curious and looked at the comments. I'm shaking with anger. "She must be of English decent, only way to explain falling off a balcony." -Cincinnati, USA "Yippie! I'm free from mommy and daddy, and I can now do anything I want! They'll never know! Ha ha to them!.. and so it goes!" - Freedomville, USA. "Sue gravity" -Birdland, USA. "I bet it's beer pressure" -Malaysia "YOLO" -Los Angelos, USA, as there are many more from all over the world. I'm not sure if people think it's funny, because it's not. This is no where near funny and it's really getting to me because Naomi is getting slandered all over the world because of one night she got drunk, but the truth here is, everybody posting all of these comments, you guys have obviously missed the best opportunity you could have ever received, which is having the chance to know Naomi. She was the light of Manhattan High. She was the popular girl, not because she was pretty or rich, but because she truly believed everybody was worth loving. No matter what you had or who you were, Naomi made you feel like you were worth something. We all know the boy who wore bows and painted his nails. Naomi befriended him and I looked at that as amazing. Only an amazing person can be brave enough to go against the crowd and live life without the rules. So yes, maybe this could have been avoided if she made wiser decisions, but nobody should be judged, especially the one who was the least judgmental person ever.

As for the comments they are making about another friend, he is obviously mourning and pissed off. I'm sure all of us would be devastated if we lost the love of our life. So if saying "F- you God" is how he feels, than so be it. People who do not know either of these AMAZING people, are judging them, by their actions, but if they knew them, they would see the bigger picture, they would see the beauty of life and most importantly, they would realize that one drunken night and one mistake WAS NOT WHO NAOMI WAS!!! She was the most beautiful person inside and out and I couldn't be more proud to call her a friend. Rest In Paradise, my love. Forever in our hearts, as you will live on forever as well."

An account has been set up to help with funeral expenses for Naomi. Please follow this link to make a donation: