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Friends and DVF Google Glass

Google Glass and DVF-slide0
Stephanie Grayson

DVF, Diane Von Furstenberg, created glasses for Google Glass, showing for the first time was this past weekend in all DVF stores. A group of friends/colleagues decided to check them out, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking on our smartphones. I'm wondering how this would have been different if we all had Google Glass, insert fade-away into dream....

Google Glass and Me
Alina Braverman

Stephanie, the always pulled together sophisticated organizer rolls in with her DVF iridescent blue GG after a quick Hello she'd be instructing GG to take pics. This would go on for 15 minutes but it's ok because most of us haven't arrived yet. Carleton the ever classy brunette who arrived before her gracefully took off her specs to grab a complimentary cheesecake being served at the DVF event. Jon arrives with the sporty version of GG, tapping them on the side to turn off the music to say Hi.

Meanwhile yours truly is on the subway with GG staring straight up at a hairy armpit. As I exit the train I tap to turn my music off. Change into my high heeled shoes and enter the event and say hello to everyone and chit chat. I get a text on my iPhone and fish it out of my purse as GG doesn't support text msgs from iPhones currently. At which point people get water and a tray of rainbow colored macarons arrives. Stephanie daftly whips on her glasses and commands GG to take pics, posting to her G+ profile as we all reach for our phones to download the images to re-post to instagram and tag everyone. The gorgeous Ms. M arrives, she's a late adopter and doesn't have GG yet. Introductions and Hellos proceed with the rest putting away their GG. As the conversation progresses we all find out we know of each other through mutual friends, industry and events. We all whip out our phones to connect, if we're not connected, on Facebook, Twitter etc. and become friends in real life as well as the virtual one. Stephanie is now constantly on her phone as we have 2 friends who are taking their time showing up. We all start sending each other cat and adventure time stickers on facebook as we are bored and waiting for the others. I take my phone to get some pics on the new GG and post to instagram.

Finally Damien casual strolls in decreeing he's not late as it was an all day event, more chitchat. We decide it's late enough to get a glass of complimentary wine while we wait for the last remaining friend. Liva arrives polished and lovely and non nonchalantly tells us she lost her phone on the subway. She left her GG at home as well. At this point we're all starving and decide to go get food, all smartphones and GG get put away. We have a fantastic time together. We say our goodbyes, check our phones and then put on GG and head out.

To spend $1800 on a DVF GG with very limited capabilities to me is not worth it especially since I have an iPhone and would have to post all pics to G+ and not be able to get texts or emails and it definitely isn't enough of a reason for me to switch to android.

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