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Friends & Alibis’ first line of defense at Phil’s Radiator

Friends & Alibis’ first line of defense at Phil’s Radiator.
Friends & Alibis’ first line of defense at Phil’s Radiator.
Justin Urban/

PUEBLO, Colo.—Friends & Alibis reunited with Phil’s Radiator, on Aug. 21. They were the opening act, along with FreeForm. Bleed To Death was the direct support and Bridges was the headliner.

Friends & Alibis’ first line of defense at Phil’s Radiator.
Wu-Man Chu/

Chris Archuleta is the vocalist, Mark Archuleta is the bassist, Eric Archuleta is the lead guitarist, Senon Frentress is the drummer, Stephen Hernandez is the rhythm guitarist of Friends & Alibis. Seth Statler was the guest vocalist.

Prior the start of Friends & Alibis recital, Statler performed a microphone check on the side of the stage. Chris Archuleta spoke into his microphone, encouraged everyone to enter the venue and stated the party was inside. Spectators made their way inside from the beer garden and he mentioned they were from La Junta, Colo. Kanye West’s “Power” was soon heard. The band soon accompanied the audio, drowned it out with their instrumentals and Chris Archuleta overshadowed West’s vocals with his.

After following the Kanye West introduction, Friends & Alibis followed with “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”. After the song came to an end—he asked the audience how they felt and to give another round of applause to the other opening act, FreeForm. He went onto encourage the crowd to move closer, as three cameramen continued to record their performance from off and on the stage. During the performance—a female’s voice was heard, a spectator completed her statement and howled.

Frentress began “Always Searching, Never Finding” and Hernandez soon accompanied him with his rhythm guitar. The rest of Friends & Alibis accompanied them, shortly after. They followed up with “Words of the Deceiver”, as Chris Archuleta allowed his microphone to dangle from his right hand and he maintained his grip on the cord. As he did so—the rest of Friends & Alibis showcased their ability to be in-synch with each other, as they switched up the tempo.

“Afterlife Night Club” brought an end to Friends & Alibis performance. Chris Archuleta mentioned it was Hernandez’s last performance as the rhythm guitarist. As the song continued on—Hernandez, Mark and Eric Archuleta stood side-by-side, stretched out their right legs and bent their left, head-banged as they played their instruments, as Chris Archuleta provided the majority of his vocals facing Frentress drum set. Statler jumped on stage, grabbed the microphone and assisted Chris Archuleta with the vocals.

“Terror (In The High Sea)” was also part of Friends & Alibis’ set.

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