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Friendly politics

Get Out and Vote!
Get Out and Vote!
R.C. 2010

It's Election Day! Get out and vote! Let your voice be heard! Shout your choice from the rooftops!

Has politics ever been so volatile a subject as it is today? Political arguments can ensue over so many important issues, that it's near impossible to avoid passionately arguing your point. This obvious passion has caused the left, the right, and the in-between a horrible time coming to any kind of agreement.

The points that are up for debate are important, earth shatteringly important, and that is the crux for such animosity that is building. In today's environment, even the most oblivious individual is taking a stand one way or the other. Each of us is affected by the results of each and every election. Each of us is fighting to stay above water in this weakened economy and delicate state.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful right given to all of us as Americans. We have the right to speak freely and to voice our opinions to the world. During this time, let's keep in mind that that does not encompass slandering of another individual, blatant disregard and disrespect for another's opinion, or outright fabrications of facts.

Over the past couple of years political statements have been thrown about with much more ease than in the past. Unfortunately some of the statements made go much further than supporting a cause; they cross the line and potentially come between 'friends' who may not agree with the opinion being spouted. There is a way to get a point across without hurling insults at the person who does not agree with you. In fact, you gain a much greater chance of having them see your point of view, should you offer intelligent and articulate speech.

If you feel that your friendship cannot weather a political conversation, then simply sustain. There are plenty of forums in which to have a debate, why lose a friend over something you should just agree to disagree about? Take for instance Facebook. Offering a statement of support as your status is a great way to back your candidate for all to see. Offer facts, and platforms you find appealing in an effort to garner more support. That is the way to work for what you believe! Insulting those who do not share your enthusiasm for your candidate is, on the other hand, a fabulous way to alienate the people you chose to make your friends on such a social network.

America is beautiful. Morals, ethics, human decency. Those are the characteristics our country was founded on. "We the people" from the beginning, had a collective goal for our country. Let us try to remember and recapture that. God bless America!

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