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Friendly pit bull puppy beaten by Phoenix area transient, needs your support

Left- K. Kimmerling       Right- Haden hours after the attack
Left- K. Kimmerling Right- Haden hours after the attack
Mug Shot Photo Source: Az. Dept. of Corrections, Haden- Photo Courtesy of Crazy Pit Bull Lady

A Phoenix area transient, Kristopher W. Kimmerling, 38 has been arrested in the beating of a seven month old pit bull puppy named Haden. Kimmerling is accused of taunting and attempting to provoke Haden for over an hour on the morning of June 11, 2014 before letting the puppy out of the enclosed yard and severely beating the dog.

Kimmerling allegedly beat the puppy so badly blood was gushing from his head and mouth. Sadly, the friendly pit bull puppy took the beating without fighting back or showing any aggression in return. The puppy was in the care of a foster parent, Michelle Chandler, who immediately was alerted of the situation, and ran to help the dog. Chandler rushed the puppy to the local animal hospital where it was found that Haden suffered a broken nose, several puncture wounds to the tongue and needed several sutures.

Haden was originally rescued by Delaina White of Crazy Pit Bull Lady Rescue organization in January of this year. Unfortunately Wednesday’s incident was not the first experience Haden has had with humans causing him pain. Knowing only a guess to Haden's age, he came to the rescue as about a two month old white male pit bull with injuries to his head, neck and legs in different stages of healing. The injuries were consistent with what a bait dog suffers. Haden was used in the worst way just to be attacked and abused to train other dogs to fight. Haden still exhibited no aggression. He was sweet, loving and willing to trust humans even though he had been subjected to this torture.

Those were the first few months of Haden's life. Delaina rescued him and placed him in Michelle's loving foster home where he began to heal from his many injuries. He was gentle and kind to kids, adults and other dogs. The morning of June 11th Haden again experienced the unnecessary and horrific cruelty of a human when he was severely beaten for absolutely no reason.

Haden has now been released from the vet’s office and recuperating slowly with foster mom Michelle. He is on pain management and it remains uncertain what the extent of the damage done to Haden will be. He may have permanent neurological damage because of the beating along with possible permanent damage to his vision.

Phoenix police state that 38 year old KristopherW. Kimmerling was arrested shortly after, just a few blocks away at 9am and taken to Maricopa County Jail. He was booked on charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty (and other unrelated charges).

6 Ways you can help Haden

1) Foster or Adopt

Haden is still in need of a forever home. He's experienced some love and kindness thanks to Delaina White & his foster mother, Michelle, but he has suffered more than any dog ever should. He's going to be recovering with Michelle and it will take some time and love for him to fully heal. Haden is still a sweet, kind dog to humans despite what he’s endured. Haden, like many dogs Delaina White and her organization have rescued, depend on foster parents to provide loving homes until forever homes can be found.

2) Peaceful Protest

There will be a peaceful protest the morning of Kimmerlings court date, June 18 at 830 am. All updated information of what time and where to meet if interested in participating in this protest can be found at:

Justice for Haden

3) Your Signature

To sign the petition in support of punishing the man accused of beating Haden, please visit the following site to add your signature:

4) Every Dollar Helps!

For donations via paypal -

Haden and many other dogs depend on the generous donations made to the Crazy Pit Bull Lady Rescue.

5) Support Haden T Shirts

Show your support by purchasing a T shirt in support of Haden. Delaina White and her rescue have created t shirts and they can be purchased at the following link:

6) Share Information

Share this story and The Crazy Pit Bull Lady Rescue website/information with others. By doing this you are helping to bring awareness to the seriousness of cruelty to animals and the need for support of homeless dogs everywhere.

7) Visit

Visit Delaina White’s rescue, The Crazy Pit Bull Lady at:

Please consider supporting Haden and all the other homeless pets in need of donations, fosters and adopters.

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