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‘Friendly fire’ airstrike kills 5 U.S. Special Forces Soldiers in Afghanistan

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United States military investigators are digging deep into Monday night’s deadly airstrike that killed five specially-trained U.S. warfighters and at least one Afghan troop in Zabul Province, Afghanistan.

Afghan and U.S. troops were conducting security operations in advance of Saturday’s presidential run-off elections when they were ambushed by resurgent Taliban fighters.

Things went horribly wrong for ground forces after troops called for close-in air support.

The “coalition” bomber unleashed a deadly barrage of ordnance from the air that left a string of fatalities and injuries below. Unofficially, it’s being called a “friendly fire” incident.

NBC reports the aircraft was a B1 “stealth bomber” which has to be inaccurate. There is an enormous difference between a B1 bomber and a B2 "stealth bomber." Military authorities will release more accurate information on the aircraft and the cause of the mis-communication as the investigation progresses.

Outside-the-wire missions in Afghanistan are drawing down as the U.S. prepares to remove all combat forces by the end of 2014.

According to the Department of Defense joint operations with Afghan forces are now only conducted with Special Ops troops.

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