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Friendly English bulldog abandoned at boarding kennel 4 years ago

Update 8/19/14: There was a huge response following the publication of this story. After many people were interviewed, the home that best fit Trixie was selected - she has been adopted!

Abandoned at boarding kennel
Via Facebook

Approximately four years ago, an English bulldog named "Trixie" was brought into a day care facility in Los Angeles, Calif., to enjoy a day of fun...but at the end of the day, nobody came to take Trixie back home.

The facility did not turn its back on the abandoned dog; for years, the kennel, though un-traditional, became Trixie's home. Unfortunately, Trixie is once again in need of somewhere to go after the boarding facility where she has been living went out of business.

The individual who is currently trying to secure a loving home for Trixie emailed the following information:

A cat rescue is taking care of her right now but it is time to get her a wonderful home.
Person works at the cat rescue contacted me and asked for my help, she brought Trixie to my house, we spent some time with her.
First we gave her a good bath, some massage, nice walk and she met rest of the pack, we took some pictures and made a video.
Trixie is a bulldog, my guess she is 6-8 years old. She is housebroken, very calm dog.

Trixie gets along with other dogs, both large and small. She enjoys slow, leisurely walks and the company of people. A home in California is being sought for this beautiful girl - four years without a true guardian is four years too long...please help Trixie find a secure, loving home.

Anyone with questions or who is interested in offering Trixie a home is asked to email:

Facebook thread for Trixie here.

Video of Trixie at this link.

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