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Fried pickles and a bucket of beer

A different way to watch a movie on the big screen.
A different way to watch a movie on the big screen.
Melissa Sue Photography

Ever wish you could have a beer and a snack while watching a movie on the big screen?  Well in Austin, with four local theaters, Alamo Drafthouse has just what you have been looking for.  

Alamo Drafthouse is geared  towards a mature adult clientele.  Here you have the freedom to have a soda, beer, or wine, and a pretty good menu filled with fried pickles, pizza, and sandwiches.  They also have event nights like Music Monday, Terror Tuesdays, and Weird Wednesdays. 

Make sure you get to the theater a half hour or so early so that you have time to fill out your little white sheet of paper with an item from the menu.  Put it behind the metal bar and wait for your waiter to come pick up your order.  By the time the previews are finished you will be enjoying your film, your grub, and a nice cold drink.  Don't forget to tip your waiter and enjoy the movie.

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