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Solar flares causing disruptions of communication signals

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What else could happen during Friday the 13th and a full moon? X-class solar flares would be the answer to this scenario. Three sun flares on the left side of the sun burst forth at a powerful rate towards the earth. This strong burst has more energy than an erupting volcano and only took two days to travel over 9 million miles to reach our atmosphere.

The two x-class flares shot off the face of the sun on June 10, 2014, and an even larger more powerful flare erupted from the sun on June 11, 2014, sending a "coronal mass ejection" shock wave that could disrupt any electronic communication in its path.

Shock waves like this can easily cause cell phone and GPS disruptions, television and radio disturbances and even electric grid black outs. Airlines diverted traffic that was in the path of the geo-magnetic storm out of precaution on Friday, June 13, 2014, flying in a plane at high altitudes can expose passengers to extreme amounts of radiation. The good news is a beautiful aurora surrounding the North Pole region can be seen as far as Michigan and Maine tonight.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says, “Solar activity is ticking along at minor to moderate levels (R1-R2 radio blackouts) with the potential to throw more significant activity our way. There are several regions contributing to the activity, but most of it is still coming from NOAA Active Region 2087, which produced those 3 strong (R3) radio blackouts in the previous two days."

Electronic particles are raining down on the earth at a high rate of speed but cannot be seen to the invisible eye. Today would be a good day to stay inside and avoid the sun in the United States. These solar storms are part of a cycle that will be around for awhile because they are part of a 11 year cycle the sun is going through and it has been 9 years since a solar flare of this magnitude has reached the earth.