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Friday the 13th Reboot: Should the "Found Footage" Stay Hidden?

Warner Brothers has relinquished their ownership, putting the 13th installment of the Friday the 13th franchise in the hands of Paramount Pictures. Will they be picking up where the 2009 remake left off? Nope. The studio has decided to reboot the series, taking us back to the beginning of the tale of teen massacre at Camp Crystal Lake.

2015 Release Date
Paramount Pictures

It’s rumored this revival will be a “found footage” film, the technique used in movies like The Blair Witch Project, and the Paranormal Activity series. This method can be exceptionally effective with horror films, not only because it cuts budget costs, but when utilized properly, it has the ability to add quite a bit of tension for the viewer. After all, sometimes it’s what’s just out of sight that keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, I'm not so sure how applying this tactic would translate into a slasher film, in fact it sounds completely counterintuitive. It seems many others share this feeling of unease.

Online horror communities and film blogs are buzzing with mixed feelings. Overall fans seem to be taking the news of the reboot pretty hard. The majority would much rather see a sequel to the 2009 version of the film (if anything at all) with a less "trendy" shooting approach. The desire to modernize a classic and make it your own in some way is fine, but as Evan Dickson from put it, "While it’s possible that whatever ends up as the found footage F13 could be a good movie under any other name, it won’t feel like an official entry to the degree the fan base needs it to."

This project currently has no director and oddly enough no script, yet the release date has been announced. It's set for March 13th 2015 and yes, if you were wondering that is, in fact a Friday. Giving fans the remake they want would be ideal, but the financial return on the found footage budget seems to have the eyes of Paramount locked onto the gimmick. Would an entirely new, found footage teen slasher provide box office success? Or is tying it to an already established franchise the only way to make this premise work? What do you think, is the studio drowning Jason Voorhees once and for all?

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