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Friday the 13th falls on a Wednesday this month

Today is the 13th day of August , and for those who always claim that "nothing exciting ever happened in Canada", we present a few facts, comments, events and dates.

For instance, on August 13th in 1885 , Cree leader One Arrow was tried on a charge of treason and felony; sentenced to three years in jail, in Regina, Saskatchewan. All of this stemmed from what was then called The North West Rebellion and is now referenced as The North West Insurrection, during which the settlers battled One Arrow, Poundmaker, Louis Riel, Gabriel Dumont and their followers. The settlers won. They set the rules. Louis Riel was put to death. And the repercussions continue to this day.

In 1977, Bachman-Turner Overdrive disbanded after leader Randy Bachman decided to quit touring. Bachman had formed the group after leaving The Guess Who. BTO has since re-united here and there, off an on, as they roll on down the highway of rock and roll history.

Oh, remember this one? It was on the 13th of August, 1993, that The United States, Mexico and Canada announced they have negotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), after 14 months of meetings. This move created, at the time, the largest trading block in the world. NAFTA came into effect on January 1, 1994. Remember U.S. presidential candidate Ross Perot's comments about "that great sucking sound you hear is all those jobs going to Mexico"? Again, repercussions of this agreement continue to this day.

It was on August 13, 2005 , that war hero Smokey Smith, Canada's last Victoria Cross awardee, received a full military funeral. Smith served in World War Two. His funeral was held in Vancouver, B.C.

Also, on August 13, 1980 - Dr. Joe MacInnis and his team discover the sunken barque HMS Breadalbane, crushed by ice and sunk at Beechey Island just after midnight August 21, 1853. The Scottish ship was well preserved by extreme cold; sonar shows some sails and rigging intact; world's northernmost found shipwreck. Beechey Island, Nunavut

There you have it. More noteworthy Canadian events. All from just one day as well.

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