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Friday the 13th $13 tattoos at Brass City Tattoo in Waterbury

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Okay, so I would never in a million years suggest that you go out and get a cheap tattoo. I have many and am working on getting many more, and I take it very seriously. If you want to read an article I wrote about it years ago, here’s a link. That said, I want to tell you about a special Brass City Tattoo is having. Today from 12 pm to 12 am, you can go into the shop and get a Friday the 13th flash tattoo for only $13 (tip not included in the price). Note: Please do tip your tattoo artist. He or she is not just providing a service but is sharing his or her talent and skill to give you a piece of art that will be meaningful for you forever.

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Back to the $13 price tag. Indeed you get what you pay for with tattoos, but this is a great special. Keep in mind that a flash tattoo isn’t super elaborate or big. As for the quality of the artists, I can certainly vouch for those at Brass City. In fact, the majority of my work is that of Jeff Lambert, one of the artists of the shop. Corey, Dominic, Jay, Jamie, Tim, and Sean are all amazingly talented as well. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the slideshow to see their actual work.

So now is your chance to go get some awesome ink, without any real financial commitment. But remember, this is still a life-long commitment so also don’t just run out and get a tattoo because it’s only $13. But if you know you want one, take a ride down to Brass City and check out the designs, because in this situation, you are going to get way more than you paid for!

I think I’m going to have to take a ride down myself. There is a small spot on my upper arm where the skin is actually clean. Oh the horror!