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Friday's fashion hit or miss


Striped socks let a person's personality shine discretely.

Athletic socks have come a long way since the tube socks of the past. There are socks for every athletic pursuit known to man: running, hiking, cycling, skiiing, etc. Each of these socks are made to exacting specifications for each sport.

The last time I checked; however, work, dinner, a night at the movies, a night on the town are not generally considered athletic pursuits.

So, why, please tell me, did I count no less than 5 men wearing white socks or other athletic socks at lunch just today.

The general rule regarding socks is that socks should be one or two shades lighter or darker than one's shoes or pants. Does that mean men should only wear socks that are brown, navy, black, khaki, olive, etc? The answer is an emphatic, "No!" It is, however, a good guideline if one is unsure about what to wear.

Charles Eames has a quotation that I feel applies perfectly here: The details are not the details. They make the design.

Socks are one of the most overlooked "details" in a person's outfit. But the sock is the perfect way to let a person's personality shine and to show friends, collegues, employers that even the seemingly most insignificant detail matters to you.

Do you have to wear a uniform? Wear socks that have the same base color as your pants or shoes, but that also have stripes. Wear a suit to the office? Wear black or navy socks that have small dots or socks that have a black or navy stripe. Want to really stand out? Wear a solid red trouser sock with your suit.

Before you silp on that pair of socks that was made to protect your feet while running seven miles, reach for that pair that will help you stand out from the crowd (pun intended), for fashion's sake.

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