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Friday on the progressive beat

Local stories of interest to progressives that popped up today:

Union: CTA turns down $80 million concessions
Amalgamated Transit Union 241 says the CTA rejected a last-ditch offer that would have covered most of the agency's budget shortfall; CTA denies it but claims an arbitrator's order prevents it from discussing specifics. Hummm ... who should we believe?

New centers aim to prevent foreclosures
The Latino United Community Housing Association and Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago have joined a Freddie Mac program aiming to help delinquent homeowners prevent foreclosure. Apparently not a minute too soon, because ...

Chicago jobless rate climbs to 10.6%
That's above the national and state rates, but we're still better off than Rockford and Kankakee. 

Appeals court overturns Vrdolyak's probation sentence
I don't even care where he stands on the scale of Chicago crooks; as the Machine ringleader during the Council Wars of the Harold Washington era, he belongs in any progressives' rogues gallery for life.

The AIDS crisis and your vote
What do candidates have to say about HIV and other public health crises? For some reason only (some) Democrats responded to an Illinois Association of Public Health Administrators questionnaire on the subject.

Chicago's Poles are returning home
Too often we forget that Latinos aren't the only large foreign-born community around. This report looks at how the recession and immigration troubles are affecting the once-burgeoning Polish neighborhoods in the Northwest Side.


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