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'Friday Night Tykes': Disturbing kid's football series called 'child abuse'

“Friday Night Tykes,” a new 'docuseries' by Esquire, follows the rookie division of Texas Youth Football Association out of Texas for the 2013 season. This documentary shows kids playing football under coaches that scream at them like they are adults.

"Friday Night Tykes" is jaw-dropping TV as these kids are treated like NFL players.
Friday Night Tykes Esquire

Web Pro News on Jan. 16 is suggesting this new series is “televised child abuse." The coaches and the parents push these kids to play this game, sometimes with the parents ignoring the tears coming from their kids who don’t want to be there.

They are not alone in their thinking that this looks like child abuse. Fox News live panel “The Five” on Wednesday night had some harsh things to say about “Friday Night Tykes.”

Fox’s Bob Beckel was outraged seeing the clips of the coaches and parents interaction with the kids. One coach in particular really got under Beckel’s skin as he watched him scream at a kid, who couldn’t be any older than eight.

These young kids are ridiculed, laughed at, called names and pushed to the limits by their coach. The parents are adamant that their kid does everything the coach orders them to do.

“Friday Night Tykes” shows everything that is wrong in kid’s sports today, is just what many of the posts on social networks are saying about this show.

There are people who think that this is a good way to toughen up the kids and get them ready for the world. Another Fox News host from “The Five,” Eric Bolling, was OK with what he saw with these kids on the Texas football field. While others on the panel argued with him, He said this is what football is about and stood his ground defending these football tactics.

The kids exercised until they threw up, they played tackle football until they cried in some instances, but there was always a parent or a coach behind them demanding that they carry on.

Kids are recruited by these coaches when they are as young as three years old, according to Today Entertainment.

The coaches act as if they are coaching in the NFL. Colts coach Marecus Goodloe treats these young players like men. He said:

"When I see them not giving me 100 percent and I know their potential, it pisses me off," he tells the cameras. And after Jaden returns from a few weeks off for summer fun at his grandma's? "Jaden has a lot of catching up to do," says the coach. "I hope he enjoyed himself, because the next couple of weeks is going to be hell on him. He's going to run, run and run. And if he don't wanna run, he can go home. That's it. He's going to run."

This coach is sharing his mind set about the kids that he is in charge of coaching. If you get a chance to view this show, it will offer a window into children's sports that most had no idea existed. This is especially disturbing when you see that these kids get the same treatment while at practice from even their parents, who they often turn to for help.

No one gives these kids a bit of comfort if they are feeling sick from the exercise or because they are crying. Some even say they don't want to play football anymore. One mother is pictured telling her son he can't be a quitter, get back in the game!

“Friday Night Tykes” premiered Tuesday night and this 10-part docuseries can be seen on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Esquire. You can find the channel number for Esquire in your area here.

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