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Friday night bar ideas

In Lexington, Friday nights are not normally the most happening night of the weekend. So your best bet for a night on the town would be to hit up one of Lexington's many chill spots. All you need is a great group of friends and a cab ride (in case you decide to have one too many). You can still walk away having had a fabulous night.

Some Friday nights you may not even feel like getting to that hang over point. Especially since Saturday is the most  popular party night and you need to be ready to go all out then. This makes keeping it low key on Friday that  much more appealing. Or if you're one of the many in the workforce that need to be awake and alert Saturday morning that would be the more responsible reason for not getting too crazy on a Friday night!

However, having a few nice cold beverages takes the edge off a long hard work week. And of course, we love any excuse to get out with our friends. So here are a few Friday night ideas. If you play them right, they will hopefully leave you headache free in the morning. (No promises, ok!)

Laid back Friday ideas:


Don't have too many! And if you decide to do so, a ton of water and some advil! Have fun!


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